Risk Factors To Pulmonary Diseases


The heart is a vital organ of the human body that is used to circulate blood around the body. Heart diseases are diseases that attack the heart and make it impossible for it to function so you need to learn more about them. They may be severe such that the heart ceases to function, leading to human death. Most diseases, referred to as coronary heart diseases occur when the arteries that supply blood become blocked walls preventing blood flow. The larger the plaque in the arteries, the harder the blood flow.

Heart diseases can lead to unprecedented outcomes of heart attack. Heart attack is as a result of blockage of the arteries ultimately restricting oxygen flow to the rest of the body. Heart attack causes to a bigger extent the damage of heart muscles. In addition, the heart is associated with other diseases that include; stroke, high blood pressure, and rheumatic heart diseases. Lifestyle causes are major factors that contribute to heart diseases. This is because they involve how we live in our daily life. It is possible to prevent the lifestyle causes.

Smoking is a primary cause of cardiac malfunction and diseases. Smoking is the first cause of many preventable deaths in most of the world countries. Smokers are six times more likely to contract heart diseases than nonsmokers, research shows. Smoking increases the risk of getting stroke and doubles the risk of one having lung cancer. It causes obstruction of lung causing bronchitis and emphysema. Those who stay close to smokers, also called secondary smokers are at the risk of getting respiratory problems.

High blood pressure which is also known as hypertension is another leading cause of heart diseases. It is also known as one of the leading causes of stroke. Major causes of high blood pressure are family history, excessive body weight and the food we eat. Hypertension is also called a silent killer because it does not show any signs. Blood pressure is the pressure that is exerted against the walls of the arteries. High blood pressure causes injuries to the arteries causing it to lower its performance.

High blood cholesterol is a major risk of contracting heart disease. The body needs cholesterol to function. The body makes the needed cholesterol, and the excess builds in the walls of the arteries. The arteries become narrower making insufficient blood circulation. Blood supply becomes cut off leading to heart attack.

Overweight and obesity have become major factors in the cause of heart diseases. The body should lose as much calories as it absorbs. The buildup of fats in the body causes obesity and overweight thus causing blocking of arteries and veins preventing blood flow. Physical inactivity is also a predisposing factor in heart diseases. Physical activities are important in reducing fats and cholesterol in the body People who don’t exercise makes the fat build up in the arteries preventing blood flow. Measure to avoid such heart diseases should be taken to curb further damage.Visit https://www.nationalcprassociation.com/ to learn more

At https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardiopulmonary_resuscitation , you may find a story related to this topic.

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